The Smart Office for New Age

What do we do?

The Smart Guild is planning to offer a new service that delivers an integrated IT and communications infrastructure for small and medium businesses. We will be able to take advantage of scale to reduce costs while providing services that would normally be available only to large enterprises. Business will be able spend less time focused on IT and more time focused their core capability and maximizing profit.

We are assembling best of breed components and services under a single architecture. This architecture is designed to accommodate a variety of business structures including single locations, central office/branches, and virtual offices. Under this architecture business managers have a single place to go to choose the services they need. Employees will have a single place to go to get personalized help and support.

We are current running a survey to guage interest in our service and to help us focus the services we will provide. Your input would be appreciated. If you would like to provide input, please go here --> SurveyMonkey.

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